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Author: Guido Kroemer

LAVIVT is the first and only FDA-approved personalized cell therapy created to improve prominent smile lines.

I am very pleased that the LAVIVT process, which I invented in 1995 has finally been approved. LAVIVT is first and only FDA-approved personalized cell therapy for correction of the smile lines. LAVIVT is made up of special cells called fibroblasts (collagen making cells), which are isolated and grown from your very own skin. It is composed of at least 98% pure fibroblasts placed in a mixture of water, sugars, vitamins, amino acids and salts and contains no fillers or artificial substances.

LAVIVT is the first and only FDA-approved personalized cell therapy to improve the appearance of smile lines and is completing clinical trials for the use in acne scars, and fine lines around the mouth and eyes. There are many claims by companies and clinicians about fat cells and stem cells but none of these products have passed the rigorous standards of the FDA in proving both safety and efficacy.

The treatment consists of injecting your cells in 3 separate treatments which are spaced at intervals of 3-6 weeks. Although the clinical trials were concluded after 6 months, which is the duration for FDA approval, I have many patients returning 15 years later who are still pleased with their results. Many of my colleagues who have used LAVIVT for 4 years have 4 year follow ups with maintenance of correction.

The process involves taking small samples of skin from behind your ear and sending the skin to the Fibrocell lab. The lab isolates your own fibroblast cells and grows them to large quantities which are shipped back to the doctor who then injects your living fibroblasts (collagen cells) into the area for treatment.

You should know that LAVIVT is currently available only through board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons that have completed a Fibrocell-approved training program and as the founding father and developer of Fibrocell I teach qualified plastic surgeons how to administer it. Due to the personalized nature of LAVIVT, we are focused on providing quality service but as our capacity increases, we will offer LAVIVT to more trained physicians.

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